JOIN us on the journey ……….

This is for serious minded ladies wanting to take their life to the next level.

Jodi is going to spend her time , energy, and intuitive gifts on you.

She is going to listen , guide , support and


you to GROW… beyond your wildest Dreams .

Jodi has gone before you and done ✅ the hard work.She is a compassionate coach and life warrior in her own right and she has helped countless others heal the past and step into a BRIGHT future …..

She knows what it takes.

Self Discipline , self love , self nurturance, releasing suffering and old programming. She is going to help you release what is not working and live your life on fire 🔥 with passion and purpose.

Jodi has spent extensive time developing her gifts. This took years of inner reflection on a deep and quiet spiritual journey.

She went into the “desert and the forest 🌳 ” so to speak –to learn these deep truths about how we heal and grow past pain and suffering . Instead of being lonely she found a deep calm and awareness of her gifts of healing. The times she spent on her own journey is now recycled and used to help women from all across the United States and beyond. She is deeply compassionate and will walk along side you on your journey.

This journey you are embarking on will change your life and help you go to the next level .

Get YOURSELF and your Journal 📔 ready to go on a Big “internal” Adventure !!!!


Transformation Academy includes complete access to :

☀️Overall Wellness Report

We will start here and look at all areas of your life and get a baseline to see where we are headed and what you want to work on .

☀️Coaching Courses

Jodi developed these private courses after 20 years of counseling and coaching women . These are only for Academy members.


Facebook Page: Transformation Tribe

☀️30 minute Monthly Coaching Sessions on areas of concern

( Working with Jodi individually will help you clarify your goals, release old patterning, and uplevel your life!)


☀️This is the Upgraded YOU.☀️

SHINE  YOUR 💡 Light 💡

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