Growth …..

There all types of Growth ….

Physical …we grow up and take care of our bodies , we eat and work out

Emotional …we grow up and manage our emotions. , we learn to manage our feelings

Mental~~ Educational pursuits and we learn new things and study for our jobs and careers….

But there is one more ….

Spiritual growth ….

Are you growing spiritually. ??

You might be surprised to know that when a coach sits town to talk to a person and they tell us something is missing in their lives. 9 times out of 10 it is the spiritual component.

There is so much to learn ….

Resources are key to spiritual growth.

Read books and blogs that equip you for your calling.

Study the Bible.

Attend Conferences.

Practice Spiritual Disciplines.

Learn how things work .

Gain wisdom and discernment about life

For every problem you face and spiritual growth plateau you reach, there is a resource to equip you to get unstuck and move forward.

When was the last time you were changed by a book? When was the last time your mind shifted because of a conference?

When have you discussed spirituality ?

Life is much more than day to day survival ..

God has much more for you to discover .

Adopted… Loved

Sometimes in life we get adopted by people we never really knew before.

We feel familiar to them or we fill a place in their lives that helps them grow and develop.

The people who have adopted me … strangers, neighbors , friends , friend of friends. …. random people on a walk or at the store …. they all add something to your life .

There are angels out here adopting you every day.

Adopt =love ….chosen by free will.

Pure Love ❤️

Let them love you and learn from them.


I met a lady the other day.

She said …how do you overcome what life throws you?

I said the older I get…. I just know it’s coming out of nowhere. ..and I’m gonna make lemonade out of it !!! ( with Gods help of course !!) life happens to us all.

We can get better or bitter !!!

Onward …. ☝️

You just choose each day.

Happy. ……Sad

Positive …….negative

Abundance ……lack

There ‘s a lesson in every little thing. 😇

A walk to remember ..

I’ve been trying to walk everyday this past year . I have trails outside my door and I had told myself. ….I would Ride my bike or get a walk in everyday. …So this was my goal except for a couple of very cold days in January .

Today I left on my walk and asked for a little guidance about what I might need to know today. I’ve been struggling lately with the losses of great people and my beloved uncle and dog and now my Dads best friend passed last week .

Everyday for a year I have seen a man walking on the trails. He has Parkinson’s and his body bends over to the right . …but Still he walks everyday without fail. You can tell he is a tall man because even with his condition he is still taller than me at 5’8 .

Today I saw him and stopped him on the trail and told him I had seen him out there for a year. He said ~~oh yes 3-6 miles everyday come rain or shine. He told me he worked for the post office for 30 years and is now retired . He said his name is Fulton like the riverboat. 😄

I said you have really inspired me Mr. Fulton to exercise daily as you never miss a day.

He said yes. …

Walking is good for the soul.

Just you and God out here…..Working it out together.

I think it’s better than church he says.

I laughed and smiled and thanked him for the visit .☀️

I looked ahead of me and decided I better add a bit more mileage to my walks to keep up with Fulton. …

No excuses. Just get out there and walk and talk with God 🙏❤️☀️

…. a tribute

Today I stopped to reflect on a dear persons life. I ordered a blueberry smoothie and sat down .. on the table was a large sand in a bottle timekeeper.

I realize just how fast this life is going. I need to slow down I thought to myself. So I decided to stroll slowly and look at antiques and I ate the chocolate chip cookies they offered me.

I decided to stop and smell the roses and wish dear friend Big R happy trails until we see you again. You made life fun!!

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