Adopted… Loved

Sometimes in life we get adopted by people we never really knew before.

We feel familiar to them or we fill a place in their lives that helps them grow and develop.

The people who have adopted me … strangers, neighbors , friends , friend of friends. …. random people on a walk or at the store …. they all add something to your life .

There are angels out here adopting you every day.

Adopt =love ….chosen by free will.

Pure Love ❤️

Let them love you and learn from them.


I met a lady the other day.

She said …how do you overcome what life throws you?

I said the older I get…. I just know it’s coming out of nowhere. ..and I’m gonna make lemonade out of it !!! ( with Gods help of course !!) life happens to us all.

We can get better or bitter !!!

Onward …. ☝️

You just choose each day.

Happy. ……Sad

Positive …….negative

Abundance ……lack

There ‘s a lesson in every little thing. 😇

A walk to remember ..

I’ve been trying to walk everyday this past year . I have trails outside my door and I had told myself. ….I would Ride my bike or get a walk in everyday. …So this was my goal except for a couple of very cold days in January .

Today I left on my walk and asked for a little guidance about what I might need to know today. I’ve been struggling lately with the losses of great people and my beloved uncle and dog and now my Dads best friend passed last week .

Everyday for a year I have seen a man walking on the trails. He has Parkinson’s and his body bends over to the right . …but Still he walks everyday without fail. You can tell he is a tall man because even with his condition he is still taller than me at 5’8 .

Today I saw him and stopped him on the trail and told him I had seen him out there for a year. He said ~~oh yes 3-6 miles everyday come rain or shine. He told me he worked for the post office for 30 years and is now retired . He said his name is Fulton like the riverboat. 😄

I said you have really inspired me Mr. Fulton to exercise daily as you never miss a day.

He said yes. …

Walking is good for the soul.

Just you and God out here…..Working it out together.

I think it’s better than church he says.

I laughed and smiled and thanked him for the visit .☀️

I looked ahead of me and decided I better add a bit more mileage to my walks to keep up with Fulton. …

No excuses. Just get out there and walk and talk with God 🙏❤️☀️

…. a tribute

Today I stopped to reflect on a dear persons life. I ordered a blueberry smoothie and sat down .. on the table was a large sand in a bottle timekeeper.

I realize just how fast this life is going. I need to slow down I thought to myself. So I decided to stroll slowly and look at antiques and I ate the chocolate chip cookies they offered me.

I decided to stop and smell the roses and wish dear friend Big R happy trails until we see you again. You made life fun!!