Coaches’ Club annual membership dues

MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: ($397) for 12 month membership ( $33 A MONTH and we will handle everything!) (Website hosting,1 Podcast interview per year on Anchor, Marketing for you on the website and social media, Your Coaching Sessions- paid monthly via your paypal account , Free Coaching Collaboration Zoom Meetings once a month with the Coaching Café Club TEAM), discount to our annual coaches retreat




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TRAIN TO BECOME A COACH:   Professional Certified Life Coach Training

Once accepted~ Follow Steps Below:
1. Request your Instructor ( Dr. Jodi Walker) and buy your electronic bookpack here:

Professional Certified Life Coach Training Includes: 
~~10 hour Training via Zoom on the computer
~~2 day Life Plan- Schedule with Jodi Walker (
~~5 Coaching Sessions- Scheduled with Jodi’s Team of Coaches ( set up by your Instructor with 5 different team of coaches)
~~ You must Complete 5 pro-bono coaching sessions and a -2 day pro-bono life plan ( on your own)
Approximate time to complete: 3-4 months

Fill out contact form below for an interview with Dr. Jodi Walker to discuss Coaches Training. ( Professional Certified Life Coach certificate)