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Jodi’s Life long Journey to Coaching Café and Helping Women

Since she was a young girl, Jodi has been caring about people and listening to their stories.  She has said that people have always talked to her naturally about their lives. She spent twenty years teaching and counseling all ages and now has been a ” solopreneur” and  Professional Coach since 2008. Over time and study, she has been applying strategies to help people transform their lives.

Her motto for life has always been they do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. First and foremost, Jodi has a genuine love for people and it shows when you meet her. She has never met a stranger and she will go the extra mile to help you.  The bottom line is she wants to make a difference and she will find the solutions and people to help you do just that.

Jodi Walker earned her Counseling degree in 1999 and her Doctorate in 2013 and has been a Professional Certified Life Coach since 2007 . It was always her dream to help women move forward in their lives. She started Coaching Café in 2008 and Coaching Café “Club” in 2015 to offer coaching and training services to people of all ages and stages and walks of life.

Jodi is a Certified Diversity And Recovery Coach, Trainer and Women’s Consultant with a special emphasis in College and Career Readiness.

Her passions include writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching while helping women make successful transitions to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

She has co-authored three books and launched a book series called Small Town Girl: Stories of Success & Inspiration in 2017 with nine other amazing ladies.

She wanted to pay tribute to her home town that gave her a lot of support as a young girl. She felt like she had a big family of people that loved and supported her and she has always been grateful for that foundation.The ten co-authors of Small Town Girl


Jodi’s Beloved Grandfather, Mother at the Small Town Girl Book Signing in her hometown

A special treat!!!  Jodi’s Friends sent pictures when they received the book!!!


Transformation Academy

Join us on your Transformational Journey !!!

Meet your Coach and Bridge Builder


Director and Owner :

Dr. Jodi Walker

Masters level Counselor

Coaching Specialties:

Women’s Wellness



Small Business Coach

Women’s Mid Life Makeover

Life Purpose Coach

Compassionate and Inspiring

Jodi gives you all the support to truly take your life to the next level ! L. In Texas

She is the best at helping you move forward. She has experienced life firsthand and knows how to guide and Coach with Compassion for your pain and where we get stuck. I could not have seen my old patterns without her help ! M. California


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