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What People are Saying

So you think you want to do a life plan? 
I flew all the way to Texas ( from Indiana) because I wanted to do this with Jodi. She’s one of the best at helping you move forward.  I just completed mine and the experience was amazing. I felt welcomed and invited. The reason a life plan is beneficial is because it opens your heart and your mind to see the amazing things God has planned for you.  This has been one of the single most life changing events in my life! Thank you 


Jodi was more than compassionate with me when I did my 2 day life plan. It is hard to talk about your entire life but she made me feel important and cared for and I was able to process some old past stuff and move on to a brighter future. Thank you. 


I hired a coach. I had tried everything. Counseling , alanon, read every self help book, worked out religiously , but I still was stuck.  When you spend two full days discussing your life with someone. Things shift. You see where you have been and where you need and want to go!  It was reflective, intense and rewarding. The life plan was a springboard for new goals and desires of my heart.  I highly recommend the work it took to change my life for the better.