What is Coaching?

What will we talk to you about ??

We are a team of life purpose coaches who help you move forward. Here are some sample coaching sessions. (As you can see this is more than one coaching session). Please consider our Conversations on Purpose that has ten conversations under Coaching Packages.

~Define Your Characteristics and Relationships

~Clarify Your Roles, Core Values, Spiritual Habits and Beliefs

~Address Your Motives, Fears, Regrets and Mistaken Thinking

~Relate What Inspires You, Your Successes, Miracles, Your Passions

~Discover Your Life Message and Your Heart’s Burning Desire

~Are you a Negative thinker? Let’s Transform a Negative Life Pattern

~Do you know how to self nurture ? Let’s discover the Value of Nurturing Yourself

~How do you think about things? Let’s Analyze Your Perspective

~Learn The Power of Surrender and Prayer??? Let’s discuss this is the key to living a surrendered life.

~Do you need a Plan of Action to Achieve Your Dream? That’s what we are here for!

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